Saturday, November 10, 2007

View Blocked Sites With Random IP Proxy

Step 1: Please visit and get daily updated IPs.

Step 2: Click on a link like https://ip/ . For IE6 and Firefox users, you may have to accept the Server-Certificate. For IE7 users, IE7 will block the site but you can ignore the secure warning and continue to browse.

Step 3: You will come to a website written in Chinese. They use SSL and random IP technology to anti the Internet censorship in China. (Figure 1)

Step 4: Scroll the webpage until you find the url input box. (Figure 2)
Step 5: Type in in the box and click the asian button next to it, it will bring you to google. Then when you are at google everything you search in google will be unblocked . (Figure 3)
Step 6: It's done! You can unblock your favorite sites now! For test purposes, you can try

If has been blocked by your network admin, please join to get fresh and working IPs.


Vikrant said...

Even SSL data is sniff(able). These proxies are just means of getting sensitive information.

roustabout said...

Yep. Myspace addicts have done nothing but drive down the price and drive up the performance of industrial grade network management tools.

If any of these proxies work for anyone right now, it's only because (in the US) the company didn't invest in hardware that can break SSL.

The SSL's being broken silently elswhere in the data stream everywhere in the world. You don't think the NSA can do it on a tier 1 feed, if Bluecoat can do it for a big company? It's being done with full traffic recording and mirroring in the more elaborate setups.

All your exit nodes are belong to us.